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Product Description

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The PD-RDM300A is the newest device in the PowerPD line of test equipment, which provides continuous monitoring of your metal clad switchgear (MCSG)including Standoff Insulators and cable terminations (joint). This device detects RF (Antenna) current (HFCT) when partial discharge occurs on the insulation system. It determines the PD fault frequencies by scanning the 4 -100 MHz range. Data is collected in bursts (Envelop) by the count method. This trends the measurement of switchgear and terminations (joint) deterioration and will give early warning to prevent a catastrophic failure. (See images below) Breakdown occurs when your MCSG has defective insulation due to moisture, dirt, and failure of heaters and a lack of a pro-active preventive maintenance program.

Mountable Type

On-line continuous partial discharge monitoring system for cable terminations (joint) and MCSG.

PD-RDM300 DescriptionPD-RDM300 Description

PD-RDM300 Description
System Configuration
PD-RDM300 ConfigurationPD-RDM300 ConfigurationPD-RDM300 Configuration
  • Channel
    • 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel
    • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency Range of Device
    • Frequency: 4~100 MHz
  • Bandwidth (sensor)
    • Antenna: 40MHz (center frequency)
    • HFCT: 10KHz~20 MHz
  • Power
    • 110~240V 50/60Hz
  • Communication
    • RS-422
      • Baud Rate: 19200 bps
      • Length: 1.2Km
      • Daisy Chain: 15 units
  • Dry Contact
  • LED Display
  • Data Analysis
    • Pulse vs. Phase
    • Amplitude vs. Phase
    • Automatic Noise Level Detection
  • Data Management
    • Up to one month of data storage (Internal Memory; Based on 8 Channel)
    • User setting can collect data
    • Phase vs. Time, Pulse vs. Phase, Pulse vs. Amplitude
    • Display and management of daily, monthly and yearly data
    • 2D/3D graph display
  • System Operations
    • Windows XP/7 Environment

The composition of PD-RDM300A, as in Fig 2, along with a MUX module can cover up to 12 MCSG in order to reduce the prime cost of system. The frequency ranges are 4 - 100MHz for measurement to find the highest PD signal.

PD Counts in Bursts
The high magnitude frequency range for corona and surface PD is between 14 and 80MHz. The PD-RDM300A scans between 4 to 100 MHz, fix on the frequency that needs measuring and counts the envelop.

PD-RDM300 Measurement

Applicable Targets: MCSG, dry type transformer and cable termination (joint).
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