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PD Test for Transformer, Reactor and Breaker

  • PD-TP500A
    PowerPD LogoPD-TP500ATM
    Click here to see Mountable Type  The PD-TP500A is a portable online diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in equipment such as Transformers, GIS, and Circuit Breakers etc. The...
  • PD-TM500A
    PowerPD LogoPD-TM500ATM
    Click here to see Portable Type  The PD-TM Series are non-portable, mounted type units. PD-TM500, 1000, 1500 are online diagnostic systems that continuously monitors partial discharge in equipment for...
  • PD-MAT400D
    PowerPD LogoPD-MAT400DTM
    PD-MAT400D is a permanently mounted on-line Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostic system. This test device focuses on detecting and analyzing the generation of PD in equipment such as transformers and reactor using acoustic...
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